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Omunim Loan Profit Loss Report

Simple & Compound Interest Calculation

Hand calculations of interest can be difficult & cause mistakes. Gold loan software automates this process, ensuring accurate basic & compound interest calculations. This saves money, time & encourages transparency with your creditors. We provide compound interest in only one click. Feature available only in online munim. With this feature, you will get compound interest after 1year, 2years also 3years.

Omunim Auto Locker Allocation

Auto locker Allocation

One of the most important parts of gold lending is handling the safe storage of pledged gold. Allocating lockers automatically is a feature of gold loan software. This simplifies the process of allocating lockers to borrowers according to the amount and value of gold that has been pledged. Every Gold loan may also be tracked by the software with a barcode or RFID chip, providing an appropriate chain of custody and increased security.

Customer KYC & Biometrics

Customer KYC & Biometrics

For gold loan companies, Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and customer identification are essential. Software for loans easily interfaces with KYC verification systems, guaranteeing compliance with regulations. Moreover, biometric authentication tools for safe customer logins and transaction approvals can be integrated into the software. This improves security while simultaneously giving your clients an easy-to-use interface.

Omunim Loan Profit & Loss Report

Loan Profit & Loss Report

While a solid understanding of your financial performance is crucial, omunim software can be a game-changer in this regard. Furthermore, these programs generate thorough profit and loss reporting for loans, providing valuable insights into your loan reports. Consequently, these reports include details like interest collected, past-due loans, and overall profitability and upcoming loss before 3 months.

Omunim Form 8 & Form 7

Form 8 & Form 7

Loan software guarantees that lenders operating in India fulfill their regulatory reporting requirements. Forms 8 & 7, the necessary paperwork for loan transactions & required for submission to the Reserve Bank of India, are created easily by the application. This automation eliminates the need for human data entry & ensures timely submission of regulatory reports. Online munim software provides content in multiple languages.

Omunim Loan Notice Generation

Loan Notice Generation

Eliminate the need for loan notice creation. Generate customized notices for various loan stages, including approvals, due date reminders, delinquency warnings, and loan closure confirmations. Effortlessly manage loan notices with money lending software's, automated generation feature. Streamline loan processes with seamless notice generation. Elevate your money lending business with efficiency.


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Hardware Integration for Smooth Operation
gold loan software
gold loan software
Barcode Scanner

Integrate your lending process with Online MunimJewellery Softwarebarcode scanners. In Money Lending business, Barcode scanners revolutionize money lending for jewellers, simplifying tracking, speeding up transactions, and reducing errors. With a quick scan, accuracy and efficiency are ensured, which enhance customer satisfaction and business profitability.

gold loan software
Signature Pad

Digital signature pads enhance the money lending process for jewellers by providing a secure and efficient way to sign documents. They help verify identities, reduce paperwork, and speed up transactions. With digital signatures, jewellers can improve customer trust, and ensure compliance with legal standards. Omunim's modern tool streamlines operations, making the lending process smoother and more reliable.

gold loan software
gold loan software
gold loan software
Finger Scanner

Integrate your lending process with Online Munim Jewellery software's barcode scanners. In Money Lending business, Barcode scanners revolutionize money lending for jewellers, simplifying tracking, speeding up transactions, and reducing errors. With a quick scan, accuracy and efficiency are ensured, which enhance customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Advanced gold loan software features
gold loan software
Loan Transfer

With the help of online munim, you can count money in very simple steps. You may be able to get better terms and rates by transferring your loans. Transferring your current loan from one lender to another is a convenient option that may result in cost savings and increased flexibility. With the help of this software, you are always winning with your competitors.

gold loan software
Loan Auction

Participate in online Munim's dynamic loan auctions for jewellery lending. Experience transparent and competitive bidding, ensuring fair rates for borrowers and optimal returns for lenders. Our platform facilitates efficient transactions, maximizing value and trust in the money lending process.Empowering you to find the perfect financing solution tailored to your Lending business needs.

gold loan software
Pending EMI's Notification

Stay informed about pending EMI payments with omunim's convenient notification system designed specifically for jewellers. You will Receive timely alerts, ensuring you never miss a payment deadline, customers pending EMI's. Keep your finances on track and maintain seamless operations with our reliable notification service tailored to meet your needs. Effortlessly manage and maintain financial stability in your money lending business.

gold loan software
Get Loss Loan Alert

Get instant loss loan alerts with Online Munim's Money Lending software. Stay informed by software and take proactive measures to manage your jewellery business risks and protect your business. In this Digital Era this will be a Business saver tool for every jewellers. Jewellers can stay one step ahead in competitive jewellery industry once they come to know their loop holes in loan management business.

Customer Testimonials

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jewellery software

Zubi Gold

Excellent support, I always got prompt response whenever I need help. Thanks team Online Munim, especially Gangadhar for the barcode settings.

jewellery software

Brijesh Kishor

An amazing team filled with really helpful people. Whenever i have faced any issue they have assisted me. Anytime and every time. It is a good product for jewellery business and a nice hard working support team!!

jewellery software

Shashank Katariya


I have purchase omunim software they done my barcode setting & invoice setting Thank you omunim team ..

jewellery software

Umesh Debnath


Good Software for RFID Management & Jewellery Billing Management thank you online munim team.

jewellery software

Manmohak Jewellers

Software works fast, user interface is very easy to use and after sale service is great, on the top overall very good experience.

jewellery software

Shriram Jewellers

User friendly..good customer service..quick response to queries..overall nice experience

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Omunim Loan Profit Loss Report

Online Munim jewellery software is specially designed for jewellers and jewellery businesses. Online Munim jewellery software helps you manage jewellery inventory, accounting, sales, purchase, manufacturing and customer, suppliers, and karigars relations for jewellery businesses.

Stock management, accounting reports, GST reports, money lending or gold loans management, karigar or suppliers management, firms and multi-branches management and e-commerce platforms integrated with ERP software are the unique features of online munim.

Yes! In Online Munim Jewellery Software, you can easily manage the jewellery stock and inventory.

The data stored in Online Munim is highly secure, using advanced encryption and security measures to safeguard your information.

Tailor-Made for your Jewellery business: Online Munim Application offers customization options to fit your specific needs. If the changes or modifications are generic, we provide you with the updated software free of cost, without any extra charges.

Yes! Software demo is free of cost. You can directly contact our customer care executive for a free demo. We provided the contact numbers on our website. Sales +91 8956693545

Yes! Our service includes a small maintenance fee, which varies depending on the features included in the package you choose. It includes both new software updates and customer support, there's a minimal maintenance charge associated with your chosen package.

Boost sales and save time with Online Munim jewellery software, To unlock the growth potential of your jewellery store must use the Online Munim jewellery software.

You can use online munim software for wholesale as well as retail jewellery Business.

To purchase Online Munim jewellery software, go to our website, take a free demonstration as per your requirement and stay connected with our customer care executive, who will guide you in purchasing the Software.

There are 3 simple steps to install the software -
1) Registration 2) Downloading 3) Activation after payment is done.

To keep you updated with software and guide you to use software, we provide training support and technical support. Empower your success with software: We offer free training and support to help you master our software and stay up-to-date on new features.