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Mobile app software offers a powerful solution for managing your loan business efficiently, directly from your smartphone or tablet. Imagine having a mini-office in your pocket, granting you access to crucial information and the ability to complete tasks anytime, anywhere.

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mobile app
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Omunim ecommerce

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Impact of mobile app on your Jewellery Business

Imagine a scenario where customers can browse your jewellery collection, make purchases, and track their orders – all from the comfort of their smartphones. This is the power of a well-designed mobile app. It can impact your jewellery business which increase customer engagement, improve sales, and enhance shopping experience, Simply converts into business growth.

Omunim Mobile App

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Omunim Mobile App
Ecommerce App
Omunim Mobile App
Girvi App
Omunim Mobile App
Jewellers App
Omunim Mobile App
Ecommerce App
Omunim Mobile App
Girvi App
Omunim Mobile App
Jewellers App
Omunim Mobile App
mobile app
mobile app

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Jewellers App

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Our Digital Accounting Software is helping Business with it’s USP's

Mobile App

Product catalog

Showcase your entire jewellery collection in a visually appealing and user-friendly format. Include high-resolution images, detailed descriptions, and specifications for each piece.

Mobile App

Search & Filter

Allow customers to easily search for specific jewellery based on criteria like type, metal, gemstone, price range, and more. This streamlines the browsing experience and helps customers find what they're looking for quickly.

Mobile App

In App Purchases

Enable secure in-app purchases, allowing customers to buy jewellery directly through the app. This provides a convenient and hassle-free way for them to complete transactions.

Mobile App

Order Tracking

Keep customers informed about their orders. The app can provide real-time tracking information, allowing them to see the status of their purchase from the moment it's placed until it arrives at their doorstep.

Omunim Mobile App
Omunim App Printer

Direct Jewellery Catalogue and Tagging

Online MunimJewellery Softwaremobile app offers direct jewellery catalog access and tagging. Jewellers can easily select products from the catalog and print tags instantly using integrated tag printers.

Easy Quotation & Invoice Making Process

Ditch the paperwork! Our system streamlines quote & invoice creation in minutes. Get professional templates, manage clients & products, and simplify your workflow. Focus on your business, we'll handle the billing. Free yourself from paperwork – focus on what matters, and let us handle the billing hassle.

Omunim App Invoice
Omunim Girvi LoanGirvi App

Control your CustomerGold Loanaccounts

Effortlessly with just one click !
Omunim Loan App
Omunim Loan Setting
Omunim Manage Customer Manage Customer

Effortlessly tracking and maintaining loan is now possible.

Omunim Loan Management Loan Management

Effortlessly tracking and maintaining loan is now possible.

Omunim Transaction Tracking Transaction Tracking

Track Details of transaction history.

Omunim Click for Reports Click for Reports

Effortlessly tracking and maintaining loan is now possible.

Girvi - Manage gold loans like pro

Our mobile app helps you track customers dues and keep everything organized in one place.

Omunim Manage Gold Loan
Smart Dashboard

Our Loan dashboard/platform provide real time data at your fingertips, Feature include real time data with clear visualization with user friendly interface.

Omunim Manage Gold Loan
Add Unlimited Customers

Store unlimited customers and their details like Name, address, contact no., personalised details easily identify and verify customer.

Omunim Manage Gold Loan
Store Multiple Loan

In App store unlimited loans for each customer. Easily see the total amount they owe.

Omunim Manage Gold Loan
Metal Category

Add multiple metals like Gold, silver, diamonds etc. as per your requirement in Category. Identify loan types by metal.

Omunim Manage Gold Loan
Add Photos

Add photos for making it easier and more accurate to identify stored items.

Omunim Manage Gold Loan
Daily Rate Panel

Get real-time updates with our Daily Rate Panel. Stay informed on Gold, Silver, and Diamond prices directly on our mobile app.

mobile app
Scheme Management App

Creating a gold scheme management app for jewelers can significantly enhance their ability to manage customer schemes efficiently.

Omunim Customer Profile Management
Customer Profile Management

Store detailed customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and scheme enrollment data and update their profiles, scheme status, and accrued benefits.

Scheme Enrollment and Tracking

Facilitate easy enrollment of customers into various gold schemes. Provide real-time tracking of scheme contributions, payments, maturity dates and notifications for upcoming payments and scheme.

Omunim Customer Profile Management
Omunim Communication and Notifications
Communication and Notifications

Implement in-app messaging, SMS, and email notifications to keep customers informed about scheme updates, payment reminders, and promotional offers.

Redemption Schedules

Track inventory related to gold schemes, including allocated and redeemed items & check the Redemption Schedules of Customer.

Omunim Redemption Schedules
Omunim Payment Integration
Payment Integration

Integrate with various payment gateways to allow seamless online payments.Track payment history, due dates, and automate receipt generation.

Scheme Analytics and Reporting

Generate detailed reports on scheme performance, customer participation, and financial summaries.

Omunim Scheme Analytics and Reporting

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Omunim Jewellery Software

Online Munim jewellery software is specially designed for jewellers and jewellery businesses. Online Munim jewellery software helps you manage jewellery inventory, accounting, sales, purchase, manufacturing and customer, suppliers, and karigars relations for jewellery businesses.

Stock management, accounting reports, GST reports, money lending or gold loans management, karigar or suppliers management, firms and multi-branches management and e-commerce platforms integrated with ERP software are the unique features of online munim.

Yes! In Online Munim Jewellery Software, you can easily manage the jewellery stock and inventory.

The data stored in Online Munim is highly secure, using advanced encryption and security measures to safeguard your information.

Tailor-Made for your Jewellery business: Online Munim Application offers customization options to fit your specific needs. If the changes or modifications are generic, we provide you with the updated software free of cost, without any extra charges.

Yes! Software demo is free of cost. You can directly contact our customer care executive for a free demo. We provided the contact numbers on our website. Sales +91 8956693545

Yes! Our service includes a small maintenance fee, which varies depending on the features included in the package you choose. It includes both new software updates and customer support, there's a minimal maintenance charge associated with your chosen package.

Boost sales and save time with Online Munim jewellery software, To unlock the growth potential of your jewellery store must use the Online Munim jewellery software.

You can use online munim software for wholesale as well as retail jewellery Business.

To purchase Online Munim jewellery software, go to our website, take a free demonstration as per your requirement and stay connected with our customer care executive, who will guide you in purchasing the Software.

There are 3 simple steps to install the software -
1) Registration 2) Downloading 3) Activation after payment is done.

To keep you updated with software and guide you to use software, we provide training support and technical support. Empower your success with software: We offer free training and support to help you master our software and stay up-to-date on new features.